About Us

At Good Day Sunshine we strongly believe that children have a desire to learn and acquire as much knowledge as they can possibly take in, particularly between the ages of birth to six as described by Maria Montessori as “the absorbent mind”. As a certified Montessori teacher I feel it is my role to model the behavior in which I wish the children to display and give each child clear direction as to what is expected of them as a part of the group. I will provide learning tools designed to help children develop their social, mathematics, language arts, culture and science, sensorial and practical life skills. Primarily taught through a constant connection with nature and using real life experiences to provide the perfect learning environment. Daily physical activities such as yoga, dance, gardening, outdoor play, nature walks and a variety of other strategies will be used to create balance for the children.
Morning circle times will be held to introduce the new lessons and activities. Throughout the day time will be spent with every child individually as well, to assess how they absorb information and begin to put it into practice. As each child develops new work will be introduced to continue providing stimulating experiences. Children will be encouraged to participate in their own care whenever possible including activities like preparing snack, personal hygiene, and choosing their own learning activity and working with those materials at their own pace until the work is completed, sometimes taking days or even weeks.

Licensed Family Daycare

Good Day Sunshine is a licensed family daycare with a Montessori flair. We are a small family style group with a maximum of 7 children visiting at one time. Usually 5 toddler to preschool aged children here during the day and two school age children here before and after school.